Going International – Is Your e-Commerce Solution Ready?

global ecommerceGlobalization is an on-going challenge for businesses in international markets and e-Commerce adds another layer of complexity and more factors to consider. There is increased reach with the digitalization of the shopping experience, but customers still expect a consistent, though not identical, experience no matter where they are in the world and no matter what device they use. Adapting to different cultures, audiences, trends, local currencies, and holidays takes some finesse, experience, and technical expertise to pull it off gracefully and seamlessly.


Does “Out of Stock” mean Out of Luck for Customers?

customer experienceIt doesn’t have to be! This is a very frustrating situation for e-Commerce merchants or retailers of any kind. You managed to get the customer all the way through the hoops, they want the product, but alas, it’s out of stock. You may have lost another customer. Sometimes the “out of stock” situation is dealt with taking the customer’s order regardless. However, as not all e-Commerce solutions have reliable integration, it’s not immediately seen that the item is out of stock. This ends up disappointing the customer when orders are ultimately left unfulfilled. If you do nothing and send it to them when it comes back in stock with no communications whatsoever, you can still end up with unhappy customers because deliveries are incredibly delayed. What are ways to salvage this sale when you have “out of stock” items on your website?


This or That? – Product Comparison in e-Commerce

shopping decisionsCustomers want to be sure they’re getting the right item, the best deal. How do they achieve this? By comparing their options! Part of a good shopping experience is aiding the decision making process for customers. Great content, enticing coupons, and user ratings and reviews can influence a customer to buy. But if they have to only choose one instead of the many you offer, we need to continue the efforts of improving the decision making process.


Webinar: Optimizing Your NAV | March 15, 11:00am (EDT)

Responsive Design with Nav-to-NetAlong with Microsoft Dynamics World User Group, Digital Vantage Point will be hosting a webinar.  Learn about some key features in Nav-to-Net™ and how to improve overall experience for both business users and customers. You’ve got untapped potential; we’ll teach you how to make the most of what you got.

The Nav-to-Net™ e-Commerce suite of solutions caters every business need in B2B and B2C. It is built with Responsive Design and has multiple integrations that make e-Commerce simple to use and manage within your NAV.

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If you are unable to attend the webinar, you can sign up for a personalized demo and have all your questions answered.


Managing Look and Feel with Configurator

Coffee ConfiguratorThere is huge value to adding an integrated product configurator to your webshop. From guiding customers to informed decisions, streamlining complex “build your own” type products, and incorporating upsell and cross sell seamlessly, Configurator has features that mesh this unique selling process with the rest of your website. This includes integration with your NAV items and attributes and showing the details of the configured item in the shopping cart. But what how does it fit with your design? Branding is important in creating recognition and cohesiveness with your company’s values. In Nav-to-Net™, this can be done with design customizations or even customer-managed stylesheets. With our Configurator add-on, there are different ways of customizing look and feel to create just the right look and feel.


Versatility of Samples in e-Commerce

samples for eCommerce“Try before you buy” is an extremely common tactic that’s been around for ages. Customers can see if they like it, whether it’s to their taste and their standards first before committing to the purchase and investment. It can help build trust and convey confidence in your product and services. It’s low commitment before diving in with a large purchase that works with both B2B and B2C shops, though it’s usually seen in brick and mortar stores. As more businesses see the benefits of being online, it can be challenge taking all elements into a digital space, but with the right solution and some open mindedness, it can be done!


Increasing Mobile Conversion for B2B e-Commerce

ID-100152529Customer conversion is an ongoing challenge for e-Commerce merchant, but what happens when you enter mobile commerce to the mix? It makes the issue more complex. While customers are increasingly turning to mobile for their shopping needs and more companies are making their websites mobile-friendly, it does not always result in a sale from that particular device. As a solution, it’s easy to say you need to go responsive for your webshop. Responsive Design allows you to maintain consistency throughout multiple platforms so you can be where your customers are and remain competitive. But it’s important to understand customer behaviour and trends regarding e-Commerce and mobile  and how it can affect overall impression and experience of your website.


Easy Wins for the New Year in e-Commerce

ID-100404329With the new year, we feel renewed energy, vigour, and ready to tackle new and exciting projects head on and do all the things we didn’t end up doing last year. But this feeling is short-lived, as we can tell from the already dwindling numbers at the gym. We get it – it’s hard to maintain that level of enthusiasm. Getting back to work after the holidays means getting back into a routine – catching up on emails, customers, partners, dealers, updating processes, and more. But January doesn’t have to be the month of big things but of simplifying instead. Completing lots of little things can be more satisfying and more impactful overall in your e-Commerce business.


Effortless E-Commerce Experiences for the Jewelry Industry

jewelry industryThe jewelry industry can mean anything from selling luxury statement jewelry pieces or costume jewelry to manufacturing and selling any of the clasps, chains, and other raw and precious materials used to make jewelry. It’s a massive industry, and thanks to accelerated supply-chain processes and e-Commerce, it’s growing quickly. Whether B2B, B2C, or a combination of both, the right features and webshop solution can elevate your business by providing seamless and elegant customer experiences.