Increasing Mobile Conversion for B2B e-Commerce

ID-100152529Customer conversion is an ongoing challenge for e-Commerce merchant, but what happens when you enter mobile commerce to the mix? It makes the issue more complex. While customers are increasingly turning to mobile for their shopping needs and more companies are making their websites mobile-friendly, it does not always result in a sale from that particular device. As a solution, it’s easy to say you need to go responsive for your webshop. Responsive Design allows you to maintain consistency throughout multiple platforms so you can be where your customers are and remain competitive. But it’s important to understand customer behaviour and trends regarding e-Commerce and mobile  and how it can affect overall impression and experience of your website.


Easy Wins for the New Year in e-Commerce

ID-100404329With the new year, we feel renewed energy, vigour, and ready to tackle new and exciting projects head on and do all the things we didn’t end up doing last year. But this feeling is short-lived, as we can tell from the already dwindling numbers at the gym. We get it – it’s hard to maintain that level of enthusiasm. Getting back to work after the holidays means getting back into a routine – catching up on emails, customers, partners, dealers, updating processes, and more. But January doesn’t have to be the month of big things but of simplifying instead. Completing lots of little things can be more satisfying and more impactful overall in your e-Commerce business.


Effortless E-Commerce Experiences for the Jewelry Industry

jewelry industryThe jewelry industry can mean anything from selling luxury statement jewelry pieces or costume jewelry to manufacturing and selling any of the clasps, chains, and other raw and precious materials used to make jewelry. It’s a massive industry, and thanks to accelerated supply-chain processes and e-Commerce, it’s growing quickly. Whether B2B, B2C, or a combination of both, the right features and webshop solution can elevate your business by providing seamless and elegant customer experiences.


2016 Year End Round Up at Digital Vantage Point

fireworks-574739_1920In a year full of change, Digital Vantage Point has managed to have a great year, full of learning opportunities and exciting developments. We’ve added to our website, touched on some important and timely topics on our blog, and continued to add to and update Nav-to-Net™ and Configurator. We’ve also made a point of creating new content to help prospects, customers, and partners better understand the flexibility and capability of our products. As we move into the new year, here’s a little recap.


Features That Fit Every E-Commerce Business

ecommerce websiteWhen you want to be everything to everyone, you end up confusing your customers. This stems from lack of focus, direction, and overall brand identity. This is why choosing a solution with features that are tailored to your needs is important. It should enhance what you already do and help you do it even better. Everyone has different priorities for various business situations. An e-Commerce solution should be an extension of your business; you shouldn’t subject yourself to something cookie cutter when your business is unique. Your e-Commerce solution should have features that help you emphasize your values and what makes your business special, be it your unique brand and design, efficiency in delivery and service, or your awesome product lines and expertise. This blog post will help you make sense of the many features offered in e-Commerce solutions today. Whatever your business priorities are in e-Commerce, here’s what you need to look for in a NAV-integrated solution. 


Configurator Exclusions Make e-Commerce Personalized

Choosing with ConfiguratorRemember those quizzes that would tell you which personality trait you had, what you should try, buy, watch? These quizzes were usually found in magazines as a way to engage readers but they also are popular online. The reason for its popularity, without getting caught up in the psychology of things, is that it ties into our identity and self-awareness while being fun and interactive. A product configurator is able to take elements of those quizzes like personalization, choice, and interaction, and apply it in an e-Commerce environment.


Who Can Use Configurator?

step2Think a product configurator won’t work for your webshop? When you think of configurators, the first that come to mind are probably the popular car configurators or ones where you can design your own T-shirt. But the way it’s set up and the flexibility of features within a configurator actually allow for a lot of creativity. Both B2B and B2C companies can take advantage of a configurator to create unique shopping experiences that delight customers while adding to their bottom line. In this blog post, we’ll challenge you to expand your thinking on what’s possible with a configurator. As an e-Commerce business, we always look for ways to improve and explore ways to leverage our NAV webshops.


Does Your B2B e-Commerce Solution Measure Up?

Business checklist for e-CommerceRate your current B2B web portal against this 10 point checklist.

1. Can account customers view customer specific pricing and access their own online dashboard which can be customized with quick links, message board and recommended products?

2. Does my website facilitate the creation of multiple catalogs which can be tailored to individual customer needs and buying requirements?

3. Can my customers adapt their own ordering processes with specific roles and permissions for staff which includes an order approval level?

4. Can account balances be viewed online by account customers and can they make direct payments online using a secure card payment option?

5. Can my customers use devices such as smartphones and tablets and still experience a consistent and streamlined ordering process?


Sales Representative Recommends for B2B e-Commerce

sales rep recs stylesheetB2B e-Commerce is typically thought to be impersonal because it is selling to businesses and organizations instead of individuals. It’s a straightforward and direct approach to selling, but the customer can feel removed from the process. With advances in technology, there is a growing need to target specific customers and focus on improving the customer experience. B2B e-Commerce needs to take another approach. People are behind the companies and they require a more personalized warm approach, especially with customer accounts and customer relationship management. One of the features that can help business account managers develop better relationships with their clients is Sales Representative Recommendations.